Cubes- If you have trouble swallowing capsules then cubes may be a better option for you. The placenta is still cleaned and then poured into molds shaped like flowers. The cubes are then frozen and once a day you will have a fruit smoothie with one cube added. You will not taste the placenta. The cubes are in the raw state, meaning they have not been steamed or dehydrated which is the process used to encapsulate the placenta.

Mothers have reported feeling more of a "punch" in their desired benefits using the raw cubes vs. having the placenta encapsulated using the Traditional Chinese method. Many moms who have a desire to increase breast milk and energy immediately postpartum, or who have experienced postpartum hemorrhaging or have a history of it will often select the raw method. You have choose to have the entire placenta cubed up or you can add on cubes for the first week to your encapsulation.

Placenta Tincture: $25.00 Using a very small portion of the placenta a tincture can be made that will last for years to come. Very beneficial for use during PMS, times of stress, to treat fatique, and menopause. This can also be used by the child during his/her life and is great for immune support.

The tincture is ready after 6-8 weeks.

Placenta Print- A beautiful and unique keepsake of your placenta. Blood from the placenta is used to make a print. No paint or dye is ever used. You can choose to have the print by itself or sprayed with a sealant, matted and framed in a white, black or silver frame. 

  • Just the print $10.00
  • Framed print $40.00