My path to helping women began when I was in college. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy. I worked for several years in the hospital setting. My areas of focus were adult and neonatal intensive care and labor and delivery. During my years in the hospital setting I began to study and believe in a more natural approach to medicine and helping the body to heal itself.

My first child was born in a hospital setting. Her birth was not what I had hoped it would be. I suffered some depression but did not know enough then to seek help. It would be eight years before I felt ready to give birth another try. During those eight years I learned about midwives and began studying about homebirth. In 2005 on a peaceful Sunday afternoon my husband and I welcomed our second beautiful daughter with the help of a fabulous midwife. Following this wonderful birth I again suffered some depression. Not nearly to the extent of my first birth but it was present nonetheless. I knew from my background in medicine that postpartum depression and baby blues were a common occurrence. I began to research if there was a natural approach to helping a new mother through this transition. I also began studies to become a midwife. About two years into training I went on a midwife mission trip to the Dominican Republic. On this trip I met a midwife from Canada who talked about encapsulating placentas to help with postpartum depression.

In 2010 my husband and I welcomed our third beautiful daughter into the world. I decided then to put my midwife training on hold. However, I am very passionate about helping women in pregnancy and birth. I consider it my life’s work. I wanted to be able to still be involved in birth work which led me back to placenta encapsulation.

I completed my training and processed my first placenta in August of 2011. Since that time I have encapsulated more than 950 placentas. In April 2012 I had my fourth daughter. Hannah was a stillborn and this experience prompted me to create Hill Country Placentas loss program. On April 9, 2013 my beautiful fifth daughter and rainbow baby was born. I encapsulated my own placenta two days after her birth. My postpartum period following this birth was fabulous! I had so much energy, my milk came in much faster, I had tons of energy (even after chasing around three other children,) and overall I just recovered very quickly and felt really good. My baby weighed 9lbs, 1oz and she did not lose any weight at all. I attribute this to my milk coming in faster, most likely due to the placenta capsules.  My sixth daughter was born at home on October 26, 2015. Hadley weighed 9lbs 6oz and she came with a big beautiful placenta that was also encapsulated and I once again had a fabulous postpartum recovery. My 7th baby was born April 5, 2018. Hudson, our first son was born at home and weighed 9lbs 8oz and 23" long. His big, beautiful placenta was encapsulated and provided me over 200 capsules to aid my postpartum recovery. 

I am a certified encapsulator through The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.  The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts is the leader in Placenta Encapsulation training and holds a very high standard of practice and ethics. Please visit their website at to learn more. 

As a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist I strictly follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines while I prepare your placenta. I am also required to carry a Texas Food Handlers Card and follow the same guidelines that are used in food service. I also have training in Blood Borne Pathogens. Some of my supplies are disposable. The supplies that I use that are not disposable are cleaned and sterilized between each client. When I worked in the hospital one of my responsibilities was sterilizing equipment used in the ICU. I am very familiar with sterilization procedures and I am very meticulous when cleaning my equipment between clients.

I consider it an honor to help you through your postpartum transition and make it a happier one.

Blessings to you.

Lisa Kestler