From Jenny O.

I delivered in December 2013 and experienced several unforeseen complications that affected our initial breastfeeding relationship. Between the rough physical recovery and the intense transition to mamahood, my milk didn't come in for over a week. I very much credit the placenta pills encapsulated by Lisa for helping me through that stressful time, and encouraging my milk to come in. The difference in the way I felt emotionally before and after I started taking the pills was absolutely night and day. They were a nourishing constant in a sea of unknowns (and sleep deprivation!) during those first few weeks. I ended up exclusive pumping for 16 months, and maintaining my milk supply was a constant struggle. The placenta pills again came to our rescue, and I knew they were working because I was tracking output down to the ounce. Now, as my pumping journey comes to an end, I plan to use my remaining pills to help transition through the weaning process. As a former L&D nurse, I have always been in awe of the power that placentas hold during pregnancy and beyond, and being able to use my own, with Lisa's help has been the most amazing experience. Thank you Lisa, from our family to yours.

*Results will vary.

From Leslie B.

I am now 3 weeks postpartum and just wanted to let you know how great we are doing. My energy has been much higher than I expected and I have hardly suffered from hormonal shifts at all. The first few days were certainly emotional but I have never felt sadness or even 'blue' as I had anticipated. My milk supply has been phenomenal as well. I have already lost 28 of the 40 pounds I gained. I have no prior experience to compare with but I certainly attribute much of this positivity to the placenta pills. My sisters and mom can't believe the difference in my postpartum period compared to all of theirs so I have to believe this is the difference. I cannot thank you enough for this service and I have already recommended you to my pregnant friends. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

*Results will vary.

From Darin H.

After my first 3 pregnancies, I experienced 4-8 weeks of Baby Blues. I just didn’t feel like myself. I struggled to connect with my husband and my other children. I cried uncontrollably, I didn’t want to leave the house, and I felt as if life would never be normal or really good again. I remember those feelings vividly, and I did not want to experience them again after delivering my 4th child. When I first heard about placenta encapsulation, I thought it was crazy and couldn’t possibly help me. But I kept encountering stories about women who were dramatically affected by taking their placenta and I became curious. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to give it a shot. By the time we came home from the hospital, I could already tell that something was different this time. Previously I wanted to hide in my room with the baby and not interact with anyone else. This time, I was glad to see my children, and found myself laughing and feeling light-hearted with my husband and family. I didn’t dread leaving the house and was excited to go out to dinner. Over the next couple of weeks I continued to feel in control of my emotions and found myself enjoying the new time at home with the baby and my family. This was so different from my previous postpartum experiences. My husband daily told me how different I was and how grateful he was that we did the placenta encapsulation. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience and I encourage all women to consider this process. It is definitely worth the money and Hill Country Placentas makes it so easy.

*Results will vary.

From Amanda H.

I was referred to Lisa Kestler (Hill Country Placentas) through a very dear friend.  Being new to the idea of placenta encapsulation, I did my own research on the internet to find out who was the best in town.  Lisa Kestler (Hill Country Placentas) kept popping up as well-rated, properly trained and maintains a sterile environment.  It seemed all her online customers were happy customers!  I was doing this research pretty last minute (2 days before due date), and Lisa didn't flinch.  I wrote her in the evening, and she contacted me very quickly with all of the information I needed to make a decision to use her services.  I went in feeling confident that I was working with a professional and that my placenta would be treated with care in a safe and clean environment.  She stayed in good communication with me and answered all my questions leading up to the placenta retrieval. We felt fully prepared for how to store it until pick up (which we had worried about before contacting her), and we were confident in the capsules we would receive from her.  I am happy to say that Lisa drove to my house, dropped off my capsules, made sure I understood the simple instructions (with the fog of giving birth and sleep deprivation, she will keep it simple for you!), and she has checked up on me to make sure I'm feeling ok and happy with the capsules. Maintaining a relationship with me after the delivery of the product spoke volumes; she didn't just care about delivering a product, she cared about me.  I would absolutely recommend her to anybody who is interested in placenta encapsulation. Thank you for taking such good care of me, Lisa!

*Results will vary.

From April W.

Thank you so much for encapsulating my placenta! You did a beautiful job :) and most importantly, I feel great! I notice the difference when I don't take them in the middle of the night so I'm gonna take a couple extras during that time. My milk came in and my little post pregnancy belly is shrinking so fast! Thank you're awesome!

*Results will vary.

From Erin R.

The placenta pills really make a difference in my emotional recovery!

*Results will vary.

From Becky S.

The placenta encapsulation was completed only a couple of days after the birth, just when my hormones were starting to drop. I followed the schedule for taking the pills, and noticed a boost immediately after each dose.  My energy would start to drop, I would start to feel weepy over something trivial, I'd check the time and see that it was time for my next dose of placenta pills! I was amazed at how immediate the benefits were, stabilizing my hormones and giving me a boost in energy. The fact that I could spread the benefit out over the entire postpartum period extended the benefits. My milk supply has been phenomenal, and my iron, which was very low during the pregnancy, has returned to healthy levels. The placenta pills helped make the postpartum transition smoother and happier for all of us by restoring my own hormones and iron, making me a happier, more energetic mommy.

*Results will vary.

From Amy T.

Prior to the birth of my first child, I researched ingestion of placenta capsules as a way to ease the postpartum transition.  I hired Lisa Kestler to encapsulate my placenta, and was thrilled with her professionalism, knowledge, and experience.  Despite the physical and emotional demands of being a new mom, I was relieved and surprised to find that it was a smooth and easy process.  I did not experience the dramatic mood fluctuations that many women do, and my physical recovery was quite rapid.  I believe that the placenta capsules greatly contributed to my easy transition, and I am thankful that I was able to truly enjoy my first days and weeks with my newborn son.

*Results will vary.

From Emily S.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Emmett and I are doing really well.  He is growing like a weed and I must attribute at least some of his growth to my placenta! We just got home from the pediatrician.  He is 93% for weight and 98% for height!  Not sure what happened to my LITTLE BABY!      

I'm also feeling really well.  I have energy, don't feel sleep deprived, am eating non stop, and overall feel good. I go next week for my postpartum appointment, but don't anticipate any concerns.

I'm happy to recommend your services if you ever need a reference.

*Results will vary.

 From Laurie C. - This mother had twins. I encapsulated 1 1/2 of the placentas and the other 1/2 I prepared raw cubes out of so she could ingest those in a smoothie. 

I have been meaning to thank you. Keep reading about importance of quality iron in pregnancy and 4th trimester and can't help but assume this is a main ingredient of the placentas?! I think they helped a lot. I am tired, but not tired to the bone like I felt before. So far, I'm able to produce enough milk for both! That was huge to me. Fenugreek and lots of water has been helpful there too. But overall, I would say I'd for sure do it all again and thank you for your professionalism and assistance! So nice to work with you!

*Results will vary.

From Lindsay P.

As soon as I learned about placenta encapsulation, I decided that I wanted to do this following the birth of my second child.  Lisa was very helpful and professional.  She gave specific instructions on when and how to take the pills.  I felt more energetic and my mood seemed very even - not as up and down as with my first child.  When I did start to feel tired or moody, I realized it was time to take another capsule.  Even my husband was singing the praises of placenta pills!  

From Karen N.

I had an amazing experience with Lisa of Hill Country Placentas.  When I was pregnant with my second child, I began researching natural ways to reduce postpartum depression and increase my milk supply.  I happened upon Lisa and knew placenta encapsulation was right for me.  What I liked a lot, was how quickly she would respond to my emails prior to my delivery date. I had so many questions and Lisa always answered them.

After my delivery, she came over to the house and encapsulated the next day.  She worked so quickly and answered all the questions my parents had (they were staying with us after the baby came) on the process.

Most importantly was how awesome I felt taking the capsules. I never had any signs of postpartum depression and my milk supply was very strong. I would recommend placenta encapsulation to any woman who is worried about postpartum depression, having a low milk supply and not wanting to worry about these things while taking care of their new baby.    

*Results will vary.

  From Autumn B.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to encapsulate my placenta will Hill Country Placentas. I felt great after having my daughter- I had more energy than I expected and I did not have any postpartum depression. I also did not have any issues with my milk supply and am still breastfeeding. Lisa was very helpful and professional and even brought the capsules to our home when they were finished. I definitely plan to encapsulate my placenta again with my next baby!

*Results will vary.

From Jennika C.  

I had severe post partum depression (PPD) and was medicated with my first child. I also had low milk supply. For my second baby, I decided to give placenta encapsulation a try. My husband was a little icked out by the thought of it at first... that is, until he saw the difference it made in my PPD. I felt like a totally different person with the placenta pills! I had more energy, less mood variation, and more milk! Lisa made the whole process easy peasy and I can't stop singing the praises of Hill Country placenta encapsulation!

*Results will vary.

From Jillan H.

I cannot recommend placenta encapsulation enough! I like to describe my emotional state after my first baby as a wild, terrifying roller coaster. The difference after taking the placenta pills with my second was truly magical. My mood swings were much less chaotic and it felt like a smooth Sunday afternoon drive! Lisa with Hill Country Placentas was amazing to work with and offers a service I now consider to be an absolute necessity for post partum recovery.

*Results will vary.

From Fran P.

Lisa is wonderful.  She's efficient, tidy, kind, and great to chat with.  I experienced huge benefits from my placenta pills including increased energy after giving birth and a renewed sense of post-partum well-being.  I didn't experience the "emotional roller-coaster" feel that I experienced after my first birth (after which I did not consume the placenta).  If you're on the fence, do it! Lisa comes to you!

 *Results will vary.

From Candace S.

I am so thankful for learning about placenta encapsulation before my daughter was born.  I attribute my quick healing from a physically traumatic birth, great milk supply, and next to no baby blues to my placenta pills.  If I have another baby I will definitely have the placenta encapsulated again.  Lisa was wonderful--everyone in our house kept wandering into the kitchen to take a peek and she taught us so much about the placenta's function.

*Results will vary.

From Lyndsay S.

I did a lot of research on placenta encapsulation before the birth of my 4th child.  I have a history of PPD and really wanted to avoid it this time around.  I'm so so happy to say that I did.  Not only did I avoid PPD, I can honestly say I have never felt better while taking placenta.  I wish my placenta would have been larger and that I could have taken it longer.  I really felt fantastic. This was by far my easiest recovery of my 4 kids and think the placenta encapsulation was a huge part of that!  Lisa was a joy to work with, she was professional, prompt and answered all my questions from start to finish.  I highly recommend her to everyone I know.

*Results will vary.