Hill Country Placentas is committed to the highest standard of safe practices.

Hill Country Placentas is the only stand alone commercial kitchen in Central Texas dedicated solely to placenta processing. We have all stainless steel equipment that is certified lab grade and follow all OSHA guidelines for safe practices. No matter what anyone tells you there are no laws surrounding the transport of a placenta or where a placenta is prepared. Someday there will be and we are preparing for that day now by having a commercial kitchen in place that follows safety and health guidelines that would pass inspection.

This is the safest place to have a placenta encapsulated. A personal kitchen is not the safest place to have a placenta processed. In our commercial kitchen there is never cross contamination with food, kids, pets or other placentas.

The kitchen is open for tours monthly. Please come and see exactly the process your placenta travels through and ask any questions.                                                  We want you to be confident and secure in your decision to have your placenta encapsulated here. 

  • We meet or exceed all standards for infection control, workspace cleanliness, and sanitation.
  • Always follow proper transportation (it is perfectly legal to have your placenta transported by us) and refrigeration protocols. Our refrigerator is temperature controlled at all times. 
  • Our dehydrators have an alarm that will sound if it drops below food safe temperatures or there is an electrical outage. 
  • We follow all OSHA guidelines for sanitation of all work spaces between clients. 
  • We follow all safety practices to ensure there is a zero chance of cross contamination.
  • We follow all food safety guidelines the same way a restaurant commercial kitchen does when preparing food for ingestion.
  • The placenta is labeled at all times. 
  • Only one placenta is encapsulated at a time so there is zero chance of cross contamination or a mix-up. 
  • We use disposable equipment wherever possible. 
  • We carry food handlers cards valid in the state of Texas. 
  • We have completed Blood Borne Pathogen training designed specifically for placenta encapsulators. 
  • We have the highest quality equipment. Even our floors are made out of porcelain which is what toilets are made out of and can withstand any chemicals that are used for cleaning spills or splatters.